Monty Python and the Holy Mail Part Deaux: Reactions to Officer

~ back to the streets where we began, feeling as good as lovers can !!! ~

These do not contain spoilers and were the messages I got following An Officer and a Gynecologist, generally talking about whether or not M/D have had sex, Danny’s love eyes, Chris Messina’s acting, and Charlie’s role as a foil to Danny/his relationship with Mindy.

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Anonymous asked: Hi Ann, I hate to bother you again, but I had earlier asked you about the Mindy and Danny kiss from TMWY and I have not gotten a response. I know you are busy with school and answering fan mail and running this cool ass blog, so I getcha. I just really gotta know: WAS THE KISS REAL?????!!!! PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER AND GIVE ME YOUR KNOWLEDGE

~ cool ass ~ you are too kind. 

From the Google + hangout: ACCORDING TO Mindy Kaling, she didn’t write in the kiss, the kiss was not an alternate ending, but it happened and they snapped a picture of it, apparently because Ike told Chris to do it one take and Mindy was taken by surprise. 

This is the story she told, and, like, I believe her and all, but can you imagine if it came up in the show at some later point as a “I should have kissed you then” thing? (I have a hard time letting things go, obv)


Anonymous asked: The fact that Fox released a hundo thundo of promos means there must be some real meaty M/D scenes in the next two episodes, right?!

Your use of “hundo thundo” =

I would say YES, a hundo thundo mundo times over. It will be lots of fundo. (How am I doin’ here?)


Anonymous asked: may i ask what the 'what" scene is??


You may you kind cool person. It’s a scene where Mindy and Danny watch TV together and Mindy gives Danny heart eyes and then he goes and says the rudest “what” in the history of rude whats. And because one gif is worth one hundo thundo words, look below:

You can find the scene in this video.


Monty Python and the Holy Mail (Pregame Disclaimer)


Your friend Ann here is grouchy. 

(This is a pretty long disclaimer so I wanted to post it separately, also because class is almost over and I will have to resume answering questions in class 2)

I’d like to be clear: I really love getting questions from you guys and I have been doing this for a year now and you guys have been great. Answering your Q’s is obviously my bread and butter, and I don’t mind answering questions (and am really sorry it, at times, takes me so long to get to some questions). I make it a policy to answer any question that is asked to me because no person’s unimportant and if anything makes me happy it is passion for the show, no matter if you agree with me or if you don’t.

However, this really does take a lot of time. This is fun, but there is some work involved with it as I sort through questions and send out information, etc. This normally is work that I don’t mind doing—because, again, the amount of joy I get from you guys far outweighs how much time it takes for me to respond or to distribute. 

I am saying this because I put a lot of myself out on this website and I think I have made my positions overt. I provide spoilers and do a lot of character interpretation and predictions. Right? My Tumblr is mostly full of The Mindy Project, questions about the Mindy Project, hot dudes, and people from movies or TV shows falling in love. 

You don’t have to agree with what I’m saying, and I find it interesting to have intelligent conversations about this show with people who disagree because I think this show is a goldmine. However, keep in mind that what I say is attached to me directly—so when people give me attitude anonymously it pisses me off. It’s cowardly and disrespects me because it basically says that what I do and what I work so hard for is a waste of time, and I don’t think any opinion—when expressed in a thoughtful and intellectual way—is a waste of time. 

I’m not a mean or hateful person and I hope I haven’t made you think I am. I love talking about TV, fundamentally, and I do everything that I can to make sure as many people as possible are happy. I don’t have time for a grey sphere with sunglasses to pin adjectives on me just because of a disagreement.

Whew. Okay. See you in a few hours for some holy, holy mail.

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Trying to make sense of the promo stills and failing BIG TIME

I’m attempting this strategy of avoiding as many spoilers as I can and waiting for the episode to come out — so far it’s been working out with minimal outrage and confusion. :P 

(Hi, my name is Kristen and I’m a bit of an ass. :D)

I devour it all and avoid outrage and confusion by accepting that I won’t know how it all fits together until it airs.

I love spoilers forever. It’s very fun to theorize and speculate because it’s impossible to get it right but it is fun to try—also makes going on Tumblr very nonthreatening

Anonymous asked: Lolol is nobody going to comment on the dead bird in mindys air conditioner


Anonymous asked: Just noticed the pub at the end of aoag is called "Kathleen Kelly's". Do you think this means something for the finale?

I don’t think it, specifically, means anything for the finale — that pub has been there since at least “Mindy Lahiri is a Racist.” I think it’s more an overall theme of the show that there are allusions to You’ve Got Mail. (That being said, I think You’ve Got Mail will be important in the finale, so I guess you are right too).


Anonymous asked: Oh Ann, I just realized what the HIMYM finale would be like in terms of TMP: In the last episode, Danny and Mindy get married, then we get voiceover that they divorced 2 years later cause they fought too much, and Mindy and Tom get back together :(

Alternatively, in the final episode Danny dies, and his ghost gives Mindy the strength to bang Tom again (?!)


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