"[Aquaman] actually dates Lois Lane […]. Which is interesting because Erica Durance, who’s wonderful as Lois, in real life is terrified of the water." — Tom Welling (TCA, 2005)

"[Aquaman] actually dates Lois Lane […]. Which is interesting because Erica Durance, who’s wonderful as Lois, in real life is terrified of the water."
Tom Welling (TCA, 2005)

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Anonymous said: Hey Ann, I read that you and others in the fandom are putting a lot of importance into that one part of the BCFD deleted scenes with Mindy+Danny at the hospital (the whole “I like the other part, what do you think?” & "not for nothing but it is what it is."). Maybe it is a question of English not being my first language, but I am not sure I get the meaning of this. Any clarification, pls.? What do they mean? Thx!!

Of the importance of the scene? Oh, gladly.

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Anonymous said: re crucifix necklace. I love Jesus, too, and I know Danny is hardcore Catholic. But... I just keep hearing him say, "Jewelry is for girls." I feel like his rosary would be enough.

You know, if it wasn’t there before, there is the possibility of Mindy to make a comment (like a “take it off I don’t want God judging me!” comment).

It’s hard for me to comment on bc I love a man in a crucifix, but I would say if I’m looking at it without my religious ties—and looking at it just as a story element—then, yeah, it’s kind of…questionable? that they would need to dip into that well so many times. You find a lot of times with shows that, rather than use a “yes and” approach to characterization (building off of traits we already knew to be true), they get cozy in the niche they’ve created and just go back again and again and again. (Which was the reason why I didn’t love the “Mindy eats a lot” jokes)

But we’ll see! 


Anonymous said: I hate to say it but if that dr's lounge scene was instead of part of the montage in D&M, I preferred the dr's lounge scene. It showed, rather than told us that Mindy was falling back in love w/ Danny & showed clearly what she'd have been giving up if she hadn't forgiven him in the end. They seemed so right together. To me, that made the ending more credible though, obviously, the montage was more showy and cinematic. What do you think?

Hmmm… let me think about this one. I both agree and disagree with you.

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Mindy/Danny - Season 2 Deleted Scenes 

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How My Sister Got Me To Stop Watching TV: Chapter 30 (The Final Chapter)


A/N: This is the final chapter of this story, which all began with a short story I wrote called “Meat Cute” in October 2013. When I finished my last story in late December of the same year, I thought I should come back to this one—begrudgingly, because I could not shake the certainty of one of the scenes that happened earlier on in the book (Rachel and Irby in Erie, meeting his parents). 

There was no way that I could have known then what an incredible part of my life this story would be. This is the first story I ever wrote where it was almost a guarantee that when I would sit down to write, I would finish a chapter and then some. I had so much fun writing this story, and had so much fun understanding these characters. And while I am sad that they are leaving me (at least, after I’m done with the editing process), their story is told! And that makes me glad.

Before I get to my thanks, the disclaimer, of course, that this ending was not the original intention. Parts of this ending came together while I was in Spain, over halfway done with the story. Other parts came as late as when I was on vacation a few weeks ago. But that is the thing, I guess—you plan it out, and then you get these big ideas or quotes that you know have to be in there, and you drop other ideas. And then you hit “publish.”

But I’m digressing. Here is the disclaimer: there were parts of this story from the beginning that I deleted—the prologue, though benign, always annoyed me for how unoriginal it was. So I fixed it, and I reference what I fixed in this chapter. (You can read the new prologue, which is much shorter, on FictionPress, as the rest of this story will be). I also deleted a phone conversation between Rachel and her mom that happened in, like, chapter 2. It tried to set a firm timeline on the story, and after trying to excuse it or look for loopholes, I decided it was best to get rid of it. If you don’t remember it, that is a good thing.

Okay. Thank yous go to the usual suspects. I have to say Caroline first, as a supportive sister in a story about supportive sisters. (Although none of the characters is based on you. I’m sorry.) And my family, especially my mom, who—because I am on schedule!!—will hopefully get the completed copy of this in September. Of course, unlimited thanks for fly-underground, just for being so brilliant and inspirational. Thanks to those old faces from seven years ago who got me into writing, and those still-kinda-old faces from 2 years ago that got me into writing again

Unlimited gratitude to everyone who read this story. It means everything to me.

And thank you, city of Pittsburgh, for being the best damn place for a girl to grow up in. More stories should be written about you. Never, ever change (stop doing construction on the roads I drive on!)

Now, apparently I’ve said too much, according to Carol. So here is the final song: “State of Grace.” Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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Karen being the cutest human on the planet in the “Selfie" pilot.

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Anonymous said: Ok, since we are answering questions, here a dumb one: What IS honey roasted penis? (I never watched Ravenswood).


"Honey roasted penis" is one of the most amazing lines ever to be uttered on Ravenswood because it is treated like an every day thing that people say. Allow me to defer to Jacob Clifton’s Television Without Pity recap of the moment:

Tess: “Look, when we get married in the play we can just shake hands or something.”
Luke: “No, you’re right. Let’s rehearse up to that point and then try kissing again.”

Then, a most wondrous thing happens.

Tess, verbatim: “This is ‘honey-roasted penis’ all over again.”
Luke: “Excuse me?”
Tess, one more time because I rewound it: “This is ‘honey-roasted penis’ all over again.”

Tess: “Do you really not remember seventh grade? I had a mouth full of metal plus a lisp. We were at the Spring Carnival — which was of course held in a graveyard — I ordered a bag of nuts, and… Welcome to my new nickname for a year.”
Luke: “No offense but that is hilarious.”
Tess: “All right, buddy.”
Luke: “Honey-roasted penis honey-roasted penis honey-roasted penis. It’s like I didn’t even know what living was, until right this second.”

So excited is Luke by the #honeyroastedpenis — which instantly started trending because the TV Gods are fickle but when they give, they give in abundance — that he kisses her right back. Tess realizes maybe she doesn’t need Olivia anymore to get into awesome parties, and Luke simultaneously remembers he has a girlfriend. Who may or may not have a connection to the dark side, but for sure knows where to find a gun.